Monday, January 24, 2011

From PC to Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

It has been a while since I have posted. I guess I haven't had anything worthwhile to write about. This post has been influenced by my wonderful sister.
I have been using a Mac computer now for 5 years. I first started using an eMac when I started teaching. Now I am lost without my (my school's) MacBook.

My little sister has made fun of me for a few years about my computer and obsession with Mac computers. After a lot of frustration with a new Dell laptop, she got her money back and purchased a MacBook Air. She asked me for some tips and things she needs to know in switching from PC to Mac.

Picture: "Macbook Air (wood background)" Renato Mitra. 4 Feb 2009. Creative Commons License

Keyboard Shortcuts

command+tab (switch between all open applications)
control+click (right click)
command+Q (quit open program)
command+C (copy)
command+X (cut)
command+V (paste)
command+P (print)
command+control+shift+4 (screen capture)
command+control+shift+4, spacebar (window capture)

I also have "Spaces" set up so that I can use command+arrows to move through the spaces

If you have any suggestions for my sister as she adjusts to Mac please make a comment

More to come

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