Thursday, July 22, 2010

Application of Technology

I follow several blogs that I really enjoy reading; however, I never really thought I would start my own. What would I say, why would I post it for others to read? I hope this blog will help me reflect on my teaching as I work through my first graduate class. I want to be a teacher that values teaching and works hard to continue to grow.

I don't ever give homework (not really necessary in preschool) much less am I used to doing homework. This could explain why I wasn't too excited when I saw my list of readings for the week for my Critical Issues In Educational Technology class. The list included:
  • 2 online articles by Quentin Schultze 1 and 2
  • Watching this seven part lecture by Neil Postman: lecture
  • Video of Curtis Bonk author of, The Wold is Open and read article
  • Read Chapter 1 of The Flickering Mind by Todd Oppenheimer

However, after finishing my readings and starting on the discussions for the week I started taking a second look at how I use technology in the classroom, with parents, and with collegues.

I came up with the following questions to ask myself about the technology that I use.
  • Am I helping my students with the technology that I use?
  • How would we be doing this differently without technology?
  • Is something being lost?
  • Is anything to be gained in the new way?
  • Are the skills going to help them later in life?
I want to make sure that the technology I am using is beneficial. I don't want to use something just because it looks fun. I want to make sure that it is helping my students learn or giving them a new skill. Part of being a life long learner is learning the best ways to use and teach new technology.

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