Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creative Learners

This week at school we got some new playhouses for the kids to play in. The playhouses were very popular but the kids quickly found an other way to use the materials.

The students enjoyed the scraps of Tyvek. They started carrying them around the playground and finding different ways to lay them on the blacktop.

Two of the boys started stacking the planks on top of each other. As they stacked I could her lots of problem solving in their conversations such as, "No that one needs to go on the bottom it is bigger." They were working together: "Get that one and put it on top."

The next day the some new students found the scraps of wood just as intriguing as the built a pirate ship.

They found new ways to use the boards, discovering that they could lay them on their sides to make walls. They also used the turned over basketball hoops as place to ride their pirate ship.

As they play we did realized that a few ground rules needed to be developed like:
1. The long plank is a 2 person piece, for safety it needs to be carried by 2 people
2. because none of our pieces are the same length, we can't stand them on end and build a bridge

The only problem is we only have 5 scraps of wood. It looks like I need to expand their learning by giving them some more resources.

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